Mengenal Bentuk Jamak dari Kata Benda

C. Persesuaian Subjek-Verba Dasar



  1. My cat is friendly. (Kucingku ramah)
  2. My father is a teacher. My mother is a teacher too. (Ayahku seorang guru. Ibuku juga.)
  1. My cats are friendly. (Kucing- kucingku ramah.)
  2. My father and mother are teachers. (Ayah dan ibuku adalah guru.)
Pada simple present tense, subyek mempengaruhi kata kerja yang digunakan; is untuk subyek tunggal/singular, sedangkan are untuk subyek jamak/plural.
  1. My cat was friendly. (Kucinaku dulu ramah.)
  2. My father was a teacher. (Ayahku dulu seorang guru.)
  3. My mother was a teacher. (Ibuku dulu seorang guru.)
  1. My cats were friendly. (Kucing- kucingku dulu ramah.)
  2. My father and my mother were teachers. (Ayah dan ibuku dulu adalah guru)
Pada simple past tense, bentuk lampau, was untuk subyek singular, sedangkan were untuk subyek plural.
  1. My cat eats fish. (Kucingku makan ikan.)
  2. A milkman comes in the morning. (Pengantar susu datangnya pagi hari.)
  1. My cats eat fish. (Kucing-kucingku makan ikan.)
  2. Milkmen come in the morning. (Para pengantar susu datang di pagi hari.)
Subyek orang ketiga tunggal menggunakan memerlukan Vs/es atau singular verb. Sedangkan Subyek jamak/plural hanya menggunakan Verb dasar tanpa tambahan apa pun atau plural verb.

Latihan (1) Persesuaian Subjek-Verba Dasar
Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat di dalam kurung dengan memperhatikan
subyek kalimat.
1. Horses (is, are) animals.
2. All tigers (like, likes) meat.
3. All beings (need, needs) oxygen.
4. A cow (is, are) a mammal.
5. An English teacher (is, are) not always English.
6. Weird phenomena (is, are) difficult to understand.
7. A man and a woman (is, are) falling in love.
8. Men (is, are) physically stronger than women.
9. Children normally (love, loves) ice creams.
10. A big fish (eat, eats) a small fish.
11. Small fish (swim, swims) fast underwater.
12. In Indonesia, most farmers (plant, plants) rice.
13. His feet (is, are) big.
14. There (is, are) two expensive watches on the table.
15. Whales (is, are) not fish. They (is, are) mammals.
16. A cat and a dog (is, are) not normally friends.
17. Shorts and a t-shirt (is, are) nice for walk.
18. A deer (run, runs) faster than a man.
19. A fly (fly, flies) around this room.
20. A lot of people (ride, rides) motorcycles in Yogyakarta.

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Latihan (2) Persesuaian Subjek-Verba Dasar
Buatlah kata benda dari kalimat di bawah ini menjadi jamak.
A tiger is a wild animal. – Tigers are wild animals.

1. A monkey is an animal.
2. A child is a young human being.
3. A horse-cart is a traditional vehicle.
4. Her house is large.
5. An apple is good to eat.
6. A watch is a small clock.
7. A woman usually loves a child.
8. An ox is a male cow.
9. I hold a belief.
10. A leaf is on the floor.
11. A sheep is in the farm.
12. A chief is a committed man.
13. A goose is swimming in the pond.
14. A mango and an avocado are tropical fruit.
15. A mother feeds her baby.