Mengenal Bentuk Jamak dari Kata Benda

B. There Is dan There Are



(a) There is a bag on the chair. (Ada sebuah tas di kursi) (b) There are some bags on the chair. (Ada beberapa tas di kursi.) Subyek menentu- kan ‘to be’ yang digunakan. Kali- mat (a), (c), (e), (g) menggunakan sub- yek tunggal/singu- lar yang mengikuti ‘to be’ is.

Kalimat (b), (d), (f), (h) menggunakan subyek jamak/plu- ral yang mengikuti ‘to be’ are.

(c) There isn’t a bag on the chair. (Tidak ada tas di kursi) (d) There aren’t any bags on the chair. (Tidak ada tas di kursi.)
(e) There is a child in the garden. (Ada seorang anak kecil di taman.) (f) There are some children in the garden. (Ada be­berapa anak kecil di taman.)
(g) There isn’t a child in the garden. (Tidak ada seorang anak kecil di taman.) (h) There aren’t any children in the garden. (Tidak ada anak-anak di taman.) Kalimat afirmatif (f) menggunakan some, kalimat negatif (h) menggunakan any.


Latihan (1) There Is dan There Are
Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat di dalam kurung.

1. There (isn’t, aren’t) any dictionaries on the shelf.
2. There (is, are) a word that I can’t understand what the meaning is.
3. There (is, are) some weird phenomena in the world.
4. There (isn’t, aren’t) female teachers in this school.
5. There (is, are) a bookshop next to the bank.
6. There (is, are) a kilo of grapes in the basket.
7. There (is, are) some eggs and vegetables in the fridge.
8. There (is, are) a little girl crying alone in the supermarket.
9. There (is, are) a cup and a plate on the dining table.
10. There (isn’t, aren’t) a wallet in the drawer.

Latihan (2) There Is dan There Are
Buatlah menjadi jamak/plural.
There is a banana in the fridge.
There are some/two/three bananas in the fridge.

1. There is a mouse in the kitchen.
2. There is a mosquito in my bedroom.
3. There is a criterion that you need to know.
4. There is a chili on the plate.
5. There is a bicycle in the garage.
6. There is a towel in the bathroom.
7. There is a cactus in my garden.
8. There is a knife next to the spoon.
9. There is a tomato in my bowl.
10. There is an ox in the farm.

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